Cat Health

Can Nursing Cats Have Catnip?

Catnip is an excellent way to get a nursing cat moving or, on the opposite, to calm down an overly anxious young mother. Catnip doesn’t affect kittens or a nursing mother cat directly, but like any psychoactive substance, it may cause a cat to behave oddly and unintentionally hurt herself or the kittens. Owners wishing… […]

How To Know If Your Cat Is Pregnant?

Pregnancy causes physical and hormonal changes in cats, affecting their appearance and behavior. The first symptoms of feline pregnancy become noticeable in the third week after conception. Many cat pregnancy signs are similar to human pregnancy – cats also gain weight, sleep more than usual, and even have morning sickness. A cat’s gestation period lasts… […]

Best Automatic Cat Litter Box • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Cats don’t ask for much besides a cat scratching post, cat food and some catnip inside their favorite cat toy – if they ask for anything at all. Can you even imagine any sane feline bringing you its cat harness and cat leash asking for a walk? They usually demand things. One such thing is… […]

How To Know If Your Cat Is Sick?

A sick cat may have changes in appetite, energy levels, affection, social interactions, and vocalization. Note that what’s normal for one cat may not be typical for another one. You know your cat best and can spot abnormalities better than any professional. But some tips on how to tell if your cat is sick are… […]

How To Palpate a Cat For Constipation?

Knowing how a healthy vs. constipated cat’s stomach feels is useful for every caring owner who can’t stand watching their furry friend suffering. Unfortunately, palpation has many contraindications, and incorrect technique may harm your cat, so you shouldn’t perform it on your own unless absolutely necessary. The good news is that in healthy cats that… […]

Can Cats Lose Their Voice?

We’re all familiar with the feeling of hoarseness when we catch a cold, smoke too much, or party all night long. Cats, too, might have hoarse meows, but you must be observant to notice when it happens. The difference is that hoarseness in humans rarely signals a severe issue unless accompanied by other symptoms. Voice… […]

Can Cats Overdose on Catnip?

Catnip is among the best natural sedatives for cats, helping reduce anxiety and promote healthy sleep. However, catnip is versatile and can also act as a stimulant to encourage playtime. But nothing is risk-free, and neither is catnip. Some cats might experience adverse effects from the herb because of individual intolerance. The tricky part is… […]

How To Make a Cat Poop When Constipated?

Feline owners should observe other changes in their furry friend’s physical and mental well-being to avoid missing signs of chronic or lethal diseases. Seeing your little friend cry and strain in the litterbox and refuse to eat is heartbreaking, but don’t panic until you try out home remedies for cats with constipation. Remember that constipation… […]

How To Stimulate Cat Labor?

A caring owner should know how long a cat’s pregnancy lasts, what are the typical pregnancy stages, and what’s the labor process like to guarantee the safety of their furry friend. However, many owners become overly protective of their felines and try to induce labor when the cat’s pregnancy length is still within an acceptable… […]

Can Cats Catch Colds?

With the arrival of cold and flu season, a cat’s sneezing may not seem odd. Furthermore, it’s often cute, and owners don’t take it seriously. However, cat cold doesn’t relate to the season in any way and can have severe complications. Furthermore, cold-like symptoms may indicate much worse conditions than the common cold. Every owner… […]

Can Cats Burp? (When? Why?)

If a cat burping seems odd to you, that’s because it is. Cats don’t do it often because of their anatomy, but occasional burping doesn’t pose a threat. However, even such a seemingly minor and at times funny thing as burping can indicate severe health issues. Cat owners who notice that their cat burps must… […]

Can Cats Be Allergic to Humans?

Of course, human allergy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you see your cat wheezing and sneezing. Feline owners are more likely to suspect an allergy to dust, pollen, or new food. The rarity of human allergy makes it hard to diagnose and can lead to complications due to a lack of… […]

Best Cat Cone • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Watching your kitten grow into a cat is quite the experience. First, they’re eating kitten food, learning how to walk with a cat harness and cat leash, and learning how to use the cat litter box and clean their feet on the cat litter mat. As they grow up, you’ll want to take advantage of… […]

Best Cat Litter Box • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Getting a feline companion is exciting, and you get to buy fun things, like catnip, their cat toy collection, a cozy cat bed, and a new cat tree. But, after that, it stops being quite as fun to go shopping for the things that your cat is going to need. What do you do when… […]

Best Cat Litter • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Keeping your kitty pal healthy and happy doesn’t take a lot of effort. They have few real needs, but we do like to spoil them. He wants a big cat toy selection, a comfy cat bed and delicious cat food or kitten food. Some people will even grow their own catnip so there’s always plenty… […]

Can Cats Get Hiccups? (When? Why?)

Hiccups may appear hilarious, but only until they affect us. Then, they become plain annoying and even frustrating. Cats don’t enjoy them either, so the owner’s job is to help their pet stop hiccupping. Cat hiccups look different from human hiccups. A person who has never witnessed this phenomenon can easily confuse it with gagging.… […]

Best Cat Flea Treatment • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

Outdoor cats are definitely different than their indoor cousins. While they still have many of the same needs – kitten food or cat food, a full water bowl or access to a cat water fountain, a comfy cat bed to sleep in, or the ability to enjoy their automatic cat feeder – they experience life… […]

Best Cat Litter Mat • Reviews & Buying Guide for 2023

There’s a good chance that your cat doesn’t like its cat leash very much and looks at that cat harness like it’s the cat carrier you trick it into when it’s time for the regular cat flea treatment, or worse, a long trip in the cat cage to the in-laws. It also might not be… […]

Can Cats And Dogs Mate?

Some may say that the answer is obvious and the question is silly. But with modern science, who knows? There are numerous articles claiming cats and dogs can breed and even give birth to a healthy hybrid, but most of them have been proven to be a hoax, and others do not have enough details.… […]

Can Cats Fart? (When? Why?)

Flatulence may not be the most appealing topic, but every pet parent should be aware of the potential reasons and consequences. Sometimes, gases pose no risk to the cat’s health; in other cases, flatulence indicates chronic health conditions that require proactive treatment and can even be lethal. Regardless of the reason, taking action is essential… […]

How To Stop Cat From Vomiting? (Understanding Causes)

To find a suitable treatment, you should first understand why cats vomit and evaluate your cat’s overall health state. A cat that has thrown up once likely doesn’t need to be rushed to a vet. In contrast, a cat that vomits blood and is disoriented and lethargic may be at a high risk of dying.… […]

How To Know If Your Cat Has Fleas?

These parasites are notorious for their jumping abilities. They escape our vision faster than lighting and can instantly switch hosts. Fleas aren’t simply annoying – these tiny parasites can cause a severe allergic reaction in some cats, and untreated flea infestation can end fatally. Diagnosis of flea infestation in cats should be based on a… […]

How To Clean Cat Ears?

Due to the narrow and long cat ear canal’s structure, excess wax and debris trapped inside can’t get out without the owner’s help. However, frequent or incorrect ear cleaning may harm your cat, so you should learn to examine the ears and clean them properly. Additionally, feline owners should be aware of the cat ear… […]

Can Cats Carry Bed Bugs?

The good news is that your cat is a highly improbable cause of bed bug infestation in your home. These creatures are different from fleas, ticks, and mites that often affect cats and dogs. Bed bugs are creative in finding ways to sneak into human homes, but they rarely use animals as means of transportation.… […]

Understanding Dying Cat Stages: Is Your Cat Dying?

The short answer for how to know if your cat is dying is to watch for changes in its behavior and appearance. Some are subtle; others are apparent. “My cat is dying – how long will it take?” is a common question among owners who don’t want their pet to suffer. Depending on the disease,… […]

How To Know If Your Cat Has Worms?

But cats can contract worms in various ways, and some parasite types can be transmitted between different animal species. Unfortunately, many symptoms of parasitic infection in cats are similar to other medical conditions, so unwanted guests may remain undetected for too long. If you notice any signs of worm infestation in your cat, bring it… […]